Looking for a place and a part time job

400,00 €
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I’m Adriana and I’m 23 years old. I’m really willing to be part of the awakening school but it really hasn’t been easy on the financial part. That’s why I would already like to have a look if it would be possible for me to find a place to stay and a part time job for the 9 months of it so i can pay everything. I’m coming alone, so I wouldn’t really mind to have just a room.
My budget would be around 400€, if it would be less it would be a blessing. If you know some place or someone who could give me a hand don’t hesitate!
I’m also open for any kind of job, only I don’t speak German. But I do speak dutch, Spanish, Portugese and English very well.
I’m very flexible in kind of work as long as I will be able to attend school!

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